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  • Stone Mountain Art Center width:700;;height:466
  • Carol Noonan and Lucy Kaplansky with the Stone Mountain Boys width:700;;height:466
  • BVBB with Carol Noonan and the Stone Mountain Boys width:700;;height:466
  • Dan Nowlan belts one out width:700;;height:466
  • Dave Dick  digs in on a solo width:700;;height:466
  • BVBB Quartet width:700;;height:466
  • Bob Dick  takes a lead width:700;;height:466
  • Bob Dick breaks a string width:700;;height:466
  • Bob, Dan and Dave sing a trio width:700;;height:466
  • Dave Dick and Ken Taylor width:700;;height:466
  • BVBB joins in with everyone for an all out jam width:700;;height:466
  • Grand Finale width:700;;height:466
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