Sat, May 12th, 2012

Grass Roots Coffeehouse

Rockdale Congregational Church
Fowler Road and Ash Street
Northbridge, MA
7:30 PM
The Grass Roots Coffeehouse is proud to have the band back that started it all right here in Rockdale.  That's right, the first band ever to play the Grass Roots!!!   Blackstone Valley Bluegrass has become one the most sought after bands in New England. With powerful three and four part harmonies and fast but tasteful picking, these musicians are blazing new ground throughout the Blackstone Valley and beyond. Come on down for a night of great bluegrass music. You will not be disappointed!

Bring an appetite with you! There’ll be assorted hot foods and baked goods available for purchase.           Show begins at 7:30 PM    Doors open by 6:45 PM
For more info, email, or call Bob or Krissy at 508-234-9093. 

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Some bands are fun to hear and watch

Some bands are made up of great players.

  Blackstone Valley Bluegrass is both. 

Together almost 10 years, Blackstone Valley Bluegrass features renown banjo picker Dave Dick, his brother Bob Dick on guitar, Dan Nowlan on mandolin and Ken Taylor on upright bass.  Blackstone Valley plays great bluegrass music; the fast ones fast - and the slow ones - with lots of feeling.

Bob, Dave, Dan and Ken have all played in lots of other bands - some nationally famous such as Salamander Crossing, Northern Lights and Front Range - but it is together in Blackstone Valley Bluegrass where they really shine. Good friends all, they have the best time when they’re on stage. Jokes fly as fast as the notes, the boys swap blistering solos and even instruments, and they harmonize like the angels. They might even eschew the microphones and walk into the audience to lead a gospel number before the set ends, which no matter how long is always way too soon.

If you love bluegrass music and love a good time, you owe it to yourself to catch the Blackstone Valley Bluegrass Band live. Their audiences always have a blast, guaranteed!

Paul Della Valle - Central Mass Magazine

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Blackstone Valley Bluegrass
P.O. Box 366
Sutton, Ma. 01590

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About Blackstone Valley Bluegrass

Bob Dick
Bob plays guitar and sings lead and harmony vocals for the band. He started playing guitar at age 8, but then moved primarily to bass at age 11. He studied jazz and classical throughout high school and attended Berklee College of Music. He has played in many fine local bands and also toured for over 12 years with Front Range, with whom he recorded five albums on the Sugar Hill label. Bob plays a solid rhythm and adds some rapid-fire flat picking. He has recently started playing resophonic guitar on a few numbers with the band. He also is a recording engineer at his Appleland Studios and has recorded many of the local bands in New England.

Dave Dick
Dave plays banjo, guitar, and mandolin and he sings harmony and occasionally, lead vocals. He brings with him a wealth of talent and experience. He has been a member of several popular bands including Southern Rail, Salamander Crossing and Northern Lights. Although primarily known as a banjo player, Dave also shines on the guitar and mandolin. His imaginative playing style is sure to dazzle the audience. Dave is also an in-demand session musician and a highly regarded guitar repairman. Recently he became a producer for CMH Records "Pickin' On" Series of bluegrass tributes. His credits include tributes to the Eagles, Dwight Yoakam, Brad Paisley, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and others.

Dan Nowlan
Dan plays mandolin, guitar and sings lead and harmony vocals. Dan began his musical career playing drums with the Valley Airs Drum and Bugle Corps. He then turned to rock guitar, playing in the occasional garage band and also acoustic guitar where he is an accomplished flatpicker. Dan helped form Central Turnpike, the “Bluegrass with a Twist” band from central Ma, played with Rolling Hills Bluegrass and has played with a number of local bands. His vocals are powerful, his mandolin style is full of drive and his picking is clean and tasteful. Danny comes alive when he is playing music; of the four players in Blackstone Valley, he corners the market on energy!!

Ken Taylor
The big guy in the middle keeps the band tight with arguably the most solid bass-playing in the New England area. He’s also the bass singer in the band. Ken began playing the guitar with an interest in folk music but was soon sidetracked into bluegrass. He was one of the founding members of the Central Turnpike Bluegrass Band, also with Rolling Hills Bluegrass and has got a chance to strut his stuff with Adam Dewey & Crazy Creek, Blue Union and most recently with Erica Brown, a fine young bluegrass fiddler based in Maine. He plays like an old master, his style is powerful and his timing is right-on!



"This is bluegrass!
You will not be disappointed!!"
Bob Dick   Northbridge, MA
Guitar, Resophonic Guitar, Bass, Lead and harmony vocals

Dave Dick   Southbridge, MA
Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Lead and Harmony vocals

Dan Nowlan   Thompson, CT
Mandolin, Guitar, Lead and Harmony vocals

Ken Taylor   Northbridge, MA
Bass, Guitar, Lead and Harmony vocals


Presenting our first CD:  "Debut"

 The CD is complete and they are here!  Yes - they finally arrived!  Our new 6 panel CD arrived February 8th 2008 and we hope to offer online sales as well as a downloadable option with the artwork very soon!!  Details, details, details.
For those of you who wish to order them now, please see below for ordering instructions.  Dave Dick will also be selling them for $15.00 at Union Music, so stop by any time and save $3 bucks on shipping and handling. 
TO ORDER OUR CD:  Please send $18.00 (includes shipping and handling) along with your return mailing address to:

Blackstone Valley Bluegrass
P.O. Box 366
Sutton, MA 01590