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  • Our hosts: Peter and Kristin Orr own Fort Hill Farms in Thompson,CT. <br /><br /> width:720;;height:479
  • Farmer's Cow volunteer Hannah McMerriman<br /> width:720;;height:482
  • Da Farm! width:720;;height:540
  • Heres where we played width:720;;height:540
  • It was hot.....a great day for Ice Cream!!!! width:720;;height:540
  • width:720;;height:540
  • Bob belts one out. width:720;;height:540
  • Trio time. width:405;;height:540
  • Ken sings a purty tune. width:720;;height:540
  • Could it be a Cash tune? width:720;;height:540
  • Dan helps with the mic......I think. width:405;;height:540
  • Hayrides!! width:720;;height:540
  • Thanks for the pics Kimberly! width:720;;height:540
  • Jeanie has some fun! width:405;;height:540
  • Jean gets a new car width:720;;height:540
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